Public Data APIs

Public Data APIs


Cat FactsDaily cat factsNoYesNo
CatsPictures of cats from TumblrapiKeyYesUnknown
DogsBased on the Stanford Dogs DatasetNoYesYes
HTTPCatCat for every HTTP StatusNoYesUnknown
IUCNIUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesapiKeyNoUnknown
MovebankMovement and Migration data of animalsNoYesUnknown
PlaceGOATPlaceholder goat imagesNoYesUnknown
RandomCatRandom pictures of catsNoYesYes
RandomDogRandom pictures of dogsNoYesYes
RandomFoxRandom pictures of foxesNoYesNo
Shibe.OnlineRandom pictures of Shibu Inu, cats or birdsNoNoNo


AniListAnime discovery & trackingOAuthYesUnknown
AnimeNewsNetworkAnime industry newsNoYesYes
JikanUnofficial MyAnimeList APINoYesYes
KitsuAnime discovery platformOAuthYesUnknown
Studio GhibliResources from Studio Ghibli filmsNoYesUnknown


AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX)IP/domain/URL reputationapiKeyYesUnknown
Google Safe BrowsingGoogle Link/Domain FlaggingapiKeyYesUnknown
MetacertMetacert Link FlaggingapiKeyYesUnknown
VirusTotalVirusTotal File/URL AnalysisapiKeyYesUnknown
Web Of Trust (WOT)Website reputationapiKeyYesUnknown

Art & Design

Cooper HewittSmithsonian Design MuseumapiKeyYesUnknown
Harvard Art MuseumsArtapiKeyNoUnknown
Noun ProjectIconsOAuthNoUnknown


Bhagavad GitaBhagavad Gita textOAuthYesYes
BookNomadsBooks published in the Netherlands and Flanders (about 2.5 million), book covers and related dataNoYesUnknown
British National BibliographyBooksNoNoUnknown
Google BooksBooksOAuthYesUnknown
LibGenLibrary Genesis search engineNoNoUnknown
Open LibraryBooks, book covers and related dataNoYesUnknown
Penguin PublishingBooks, book covers and related dataNoYesUnknown


Charity SearchNon-profit charity dataapiKeyNoUnknown
Clearbit LogoSearch for company logos and embed them in your projectsapiKeyYesUnknown
Domainsdb.infoRegistered Domain Names SearchNoYesUnknown
FreelancerHire freelancers to get work doneOAuthYesUnknown
GmailFlexible, RESTful access to the user’s inboxOAuthYesUnknown
Google AnalyticsCollect, configure and analyze your data to reach the right audienceOAuthYesUnknown
mailgunEmail ServiceapiKeyYesUnknown
markerapiTrademark SearchNoNoUnknown
TickselFriendly website analytics made for humansNoYesUnknown
TrelloBoards, lists and cards to help you organize and prioritize your projectsOAuthYesUnknown


Calendar IndexWorldwide Holidays and Working DaysapiKeyYesYes
Church CalendarCatholic liturgical calendarNoNoUnknown
Czech Namedays CalendarLookup for a name and returns nameday dateNoNoUnknown
Google CalendarDisplay, create and modify Google calendar eventsOAuthYesUnknown
Hebrew CalendarConvert between Gregorian and Hebrew, fetch Shabbat and Holiday times, etcNoNoUnknown
HolidaysHistorical data regarding holidaysapiKeyYesUnknown
LectServeProtestant liturgical calendarNoNoUnknown
Nager.DatePublic holidays for more than 90 countriesNoYesNo
Namedays CalendarProvides namedays for multiple countriesNoYesYes
Non-Working DaysDatabase of ICS files for non working daysNoYesUnknown
Russian CalendarCheck if a date is a Russian holiday or notNoYesNo

Cloud Storage & File Sharing

BoxFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknown
DropboxFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknown
Google DriveFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknown
OneDriveFile Sharing and StorageOAuthYesUnknown
PastebinPlain Text StorageapiKeyYesUnknown
WeTransferFile SharingapiKeyYesYes

Continuous Integration

CircleCIAutomate the software development process using continuous integration and continuous deliveryapiKeyYesUnknown
CodeshipCodeship is a Continuous Integration Platform in the cloudapiKeyYesUnknown
Travis CISync your GitHub projects with Travis CI to test your code in minutesapiKeyYesUnknown


BinanceExchange for Trading Cryptocurrencies based in ChinaapiKeyYesUnknown
BitcoinAverageDigital Asset Price Data for the blockchain industryapiKeyYesUnknown
BitcoinChartsFinancial and Technical Data related to the Bitcoin NetworkNoYesUnknown
BitfinexCryptocurrency Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknown
BitmexReal-Time Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform based in Hong KongapiKeyYesUnknown
BittrexNext Generation Crypto Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknown
BlockBitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction DataapiKeyYesUnknown
BlockchainBitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction DataNoYesUnknown
CoinAPIAll Currency Exchanges integrate under a single apiapiKeyYesNo
CoinbaseBitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum PricesapiKeyYesUnknown
Coinbase ProCryptocurrency Trading PlatformapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinDeskBitcoin Price IndexNoNoUnknown
CoinGeckoCryptocurrency Price, Market, and Developer/Social DataNoYesYes
CoinigyInteracting with Coinigy Accounts and Exchange DirectlyapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinLayerReal-time Crypto Currency Exchange RatesapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinlibCrypto Currency PricesapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinloreCryptocurrencies prices, volume and moreNoYesUnknown
CoinMarketCapCryptocurrencies PricesapiKeyYesUnknown
CoinpaprikaCryptocurrencies prices, volume and moreNoYesYes
CoinRankingLive Cryptocurrency dataNoYesUnknown
CryptoCompareCryptocurrencies ComparisonNoYesUnknown
CryptonatorCryptocurrencies Exchange RatesNoYesUnknown
GeminiCryptocurrencies ExchangeNoYesUnknown
ICObenchVarious information on listing, ratings, stats, and moreapiKeyYesUnknown
LivecoinCryptocurrency ExchangeNoYesUnknown
MercadoBitcoinBrazilian Cryptocurrency InformationNoYesUnknown
NexchangeAutomated cryptocurrency exchange serviceNoNoYes
NiceHashLargest Crypto Mining MarketplaceapiKeyYesUnknown
PoloniexUS based digital asset exchangeapiKeyYesUnknown
WorldCoinIndexCryptocurrencies PricesapiKeyYesUnknown
ZloaderDue diligence data platformapiKeyYesUnknown

Currency Exchange

1ForgeForex currency market dataapiKeyYesUnknown
CryptoStandardizerStandardize crypto coin symbols (e.g. BTC, XBT) across 100+ exchangesapiKeyYesUnknown
CurrencylayerExchange rates and currency conversionapiKeyYesUnknown
Czech National BankA collection of exchange ratesNoYesUnknown
Exchangeratesapi.ioExchange rates with currency conversionNoYesYes
Fixer.ioExchange rates and currency conversionapiKeyYesUnknown
ratesapiFree exchange rates and historical ratesNoYesUnknown

Data Validation

Cloudmersive ValidateValidate email addresses, phone numbers, VAT numbers and domain namesapiKeyYesYes
languagelayerLanguage detectionNoYesUnknown
Lob.comUS Address VerificationapiKeyYesUnknown
mailboxlayerEmail address validationNoYesUnknown
NumValidateOpen Source phone number validationNoYesUnknown
numverifyPhone number validationNoYesUnknown
PurgoMalumContent validator against profanity & obscenityNoNoUnknown
vatlayerVAT number validationNoYesUnknown


24 Pull RequestsProject to promote open source collaboration during DecemberNoYesYes
Agify.ioEstimates the age from a first nameNoYesYes
ApiFlashChrome based screenshot API for developersapiKeyYesUnknown
Apility.ioIP, Domains and Emails anti-abuse API blocklistNoYesYes
APIs.guruWikipedia for Web APIs, OpenAPI/Swagger specs for public APIsNoYesUnknown
BetterMetaReturn a site’s meta tags in JSON formatX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
BitbucketPull public information for a Bitbucket accountNoYesUnknown
BoredFind random activities to fight boredomNoYesUnknown
BrowshotEasily make screenshots of web pages in any screen size, as any deviceapiKeyYesUnknown
CDNJSLibrary info on CDNJSNoYesUnknown
Changelogs.mdStructured changelog metadata from open source projectsNoYesUnknown
CountAPIFree and simple counting service. You can use it to track page hits and specific eventsNoYesYes
DigitalOcean StatusStatus of all DigitalOcean servicesNoYesUnknown
DomainDb InfoDomain name search to find all domains containing particular words/phrases/etcNoYesUnknown
FaceplusplusA tool to detect faceOAuthYesUnknown
Genderize.ioEstimates a gender from a first nameNoYesYes
GitHubMake use of GitHub repositories, code and user info programmaticallyOAuthYesYes
GitlabAutomate GitLab interaction programmaticallyOAuthYesUnknown
GitterChat for GitHubOAuthYesUnknown
HTTP2.ProTest endpoints for client and server HTTP/2 protocol supportNoYesUnknown
IBM Text to SpeechConvert text to speechapiKeyYesYes
import.ioRetrieve structured data from a website or RSS feedapiKeyYesUnknown
IPifyA simple IP Address APINoYesUnknown
IPinfoAnother simple IP Address APINoYesUnknown
JSON 2 JSONPConvert JSON to JSONP (on-the-fly) for easy cross-domain data requests using client-side JavaScriptNoYesUnknown
JSONbin.ioFree JSON storage service. Ideal for small scale Web apps, Websites and Mobile appsapiKeyYesYes
Judge0Compile and run source codeNoYesUnknown
Let’s ValidateUncovers the technologies used on websites and URL to thumbnailNoYesUnknown
License-APIUnofficial REST API for choosealicense.comNoYesNo
LiveEduLive Coding StreamingOAuthYesUnknown
MAC address vendor lookupRetrieve vendor details and other information regarding a given MAC address or an OUIapiKeyYesYes
MyjsonA simple JSON store for your web or mobile appNoNoUnknown
Nationalize.ioEstimate the nationality of a first nameNoYesYes
OOPSpamMultiple spam filtering serviceNoYesYes
PlinoSpam filtering systemNoYesUnknown
PostmanTool for testing APIsapiKeyYesUnknown
ProxyCrawlScraping and crawling anticaptcha serviceapiKeyYesUnknown
Public APIsA collective list of free JSON APIs for use in web developmentNoYesUnknown
Pusher BeamsPush notifications for Android & iOSapiKeyYesUnknown
QR codeCreate an easy to read QR code and URL shortenerNoYesYes
QR codeGenerate and decode / read QR code graphicsNoYesUnknown
QuickChartGenerate chart and graph imagesNoYesYes
ReqResA hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requestsNoYesUnknown
Scrape Website EmailGrabs email addresses from a URLX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
ScraperApiEasily build scalable web scrapersapiKeyYesUnknown
StackExchangeQ&A forum for developersOAuthYesUnknown
VerseCheck what’s the latest version of your favorite open-source projectNoYesUnknown
XML to JSONIntegration developer utility APIsNoYesUnknown


Merriam-WebsterDictionary and Thesaurus DataapiKeyYesUnknown
OxfordDictionary DataapiKeyYesNo
WordnikDictionary DataapiKeyNoUnknown
WordsDefinitions and synonyms for more than 150,000 wordsapiKeyYesUnknown

Documents & Productivity

Cloudmersive Document and Data ConversionHTML/URL to PDF/PNG, Office documents to PDF, image conversionapiKeyYesYes
File.ioFile SharingNoYesUnknown
MercuryWeb parserapiKeyYesUnknown
pdflayerHTML/URL to PDFapiKeyYesUnknown
PocketBookmarking serviceOAuthYesUnknown
PrexViewData from XML or JSON to PDF, HTML or ImageapiKeyYesUnknown
RestpackProvides screenshot, HTML to PDF and content extraction APIsapiKeyYesUnknown
TodoistTodo ListsOAuthYesUnknown
Vector ExpressFree vector file converting APINoNoYes
WakaTimeAutomated time tracking leaderboards for programmersNoYesUnknown
WunderlistTodo ListsOAuthYesUnknown


AirVisualAir quality and weather dataapiKeyYesUnknown
GrünstromIndexGreen Power Index for Germany (Grünstromindex/GSI)NoNoYes
OpenAQOpen air quality dataapiKeyYesUnknown
PM25.inAir quality of ChinaapiKeyNoUnknown
PVWattsEnergy production photovoltaic (PV) energy systemsapiKeyYesUnknown
UK Carbon IntensityThe Official Carbon Intensity API for Great Britain developed by National GridNoYesUnknown


EventbriteFind eventsOAuthYesUnknown
PicaticSell tickets anywhereapiKeyYesUnknown
TicketmasterSearch events, attractions, or venuesapiKeyYesUnknown


Alpha VantageRealtime and historical stock dataapiKeyYesUnknown
Barchart OnDemandStock, Futures and Forex Market DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Consumer Financial Protection BureauFinancial services consumer complaint dataapiKeyYesUnknown
Financial Modeling PrepStock information and dataNoYesUnknown
IEXStocks and Market DataapiKeyYesUnknown
IGSpreadbetting and CFD Market DataapiKeyYesUnknown
PlaidConnect with users’ bank accounts and access transaction dataapiKeyYesUnknown
Razorpay IFSCIndian Financial Systems Code (Bank Branch Codes)NoYesUnknown
RoutingNumbers.infoACH/NACHA Bank Routing NumbersNoYesUnknown
TradierUS equity/option market data (delayed, intraday, historical)OAuthYesYes
VAT RatesA collection of all VAT rates for EU countriesNoYesUnknown
YNABBudgeting & PlanningOAuthYesYes

Food & Drink

EdamamRecipe SearchapiKeyYesUnknown
Food2ForkRecipe SearchapiKeyNoUnknown
Open Brewery DBBreweries, Cideries and Craft Beer Bottle ShopsNoYesYes
Open Food FactsFood Products DatabaseNoYesUnknown
PunkAPIBrewdog Beer RecipesNoYesUnknown
Recipe PuppyFoodNoNoUnknown
TacoFancyCommunity-driven taco databaseNoNoUnknown
The Report of the WeekFood & Drink ReviewsNoYesUnknown
TheCocktailDBCocktail RecipesapiKeyYesYes
TheMealDBMeal RecipesapiKeyYesYes
What’s on the menu?NYPL human-transcribed historical menu collectionapiKeyNoUnknown
ZomatoDiscover restaurantsapiKeyYesUnknown

Fraud Prevention

Whitepages ProGlobal identity verification with phone, address, email and IPapiKeyYesUnknown
Whitepages ProPhone reputation to detect spammy phonesapiKeyYesUnknown
Whitepages ProGet an owner’s name, address, demographics based on the phone numberapiKeyYesUnknown
Whitepages ProPhone number validation, line_type, carrier appendapiKeyYesUnknown
Whitepages ProGet normalized physical address, residents, address type and validityapiKeyYesUnknown

Games & Comics

Age of Empires IIGet information about Age of Empires II resourcesNoYesUnknown
AmiiboAPIAmiibo InformationNoNoYes
Battle.netBlizzard EntertainmentapiKeyYesUnknown
Battlefield 4Battlefield 4 InformationNoYesUnknown
Chuck Norris DatabaseJokesNoNoUnknown
Clash of ClansClash of Clans Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
Clash RoyaleClash Royale Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
Comic VineComicsNoYesUnknown
Deck of CardsDeck of CardsNoNoUnknown
Destiny The GameBungie Platform APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Dota 2Provides information about Player stats , Match stats, Rankings for Dota 2NoYesUnknown
Eve OnlineThird-Party Developer DocumentationOAuthYesUnknown
FortniteFortnite Stats & CosmeticsNoYesYes
FortniteFortnite StatsapiKeyYesUnknown
Giant BombVideo GamesNoYesUnknown
Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2 Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
HaloHalo 5 and Halo Wars 2 InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
HearthstoneHearthstone Cards InformationX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
HypixelHypixel player statsapiKeyYesUnknown
IGDB.comVideo Game DatabaseapiKeyYesUnknown
JokesProgramming and general jokesNoYesUnknown
JserviceJeopardy Question DatabaseNoNoUnknown
Magic The GatheringMagic The Gathering Game InformationNoNoUnknown
MarvelMarvel ComicsapiKeyNoUnknown
mod.ioCross Platform Mod APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Open TriviaTrivia QuestionsNoYesUnknown
PandaScoreE-sports games and resultsapiKeyYesUnknown
PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsPUBG StatsapiKeyYesUnknown
PokéapiPokémon InformationNoYesUnknown
Pokémon TCGPokémon TCG InformationNoYesUnknown
Rick and MortyAll the Rick and Morty information, including imagesNoYesYes
Riot GamesLeague of Legends Game InformationapiKeyYesUnknown
SteamSteam Client InteractionOAuthYesUnknown
VaingloryVainglory Players, Matches and TelemetryapiKeyYesYes info and statsapiKeyYesNo
xkcdRetrieve xkcd comics as JSONNoYesYes


APIDescriptionAuthHTTPSCORS database of France, geocoding and reverseNoYesUnknown
BattutaA (country/region/city) in-cascade location APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Bing MapsCreate/customize digital maps based on Bing Maps dataapiKeyYesUnknown
bng2latlongConvert a British OSGB36 easting and northing (British National Grid) to WGS84 latitude and longitudeNoYesYes
City ContextCrime, school and transportation data for US citiesapiKeyYesUnknown
CitySDKOpen APIs for select European citiesNoYesUnknown
Daum MapsDaum Maps provide multiple APIs for Korean mapsapiKeyNoUnknown
GeoApiFrench geographical dataNoYesUnknown
Geocod.ioAddress geocoding / reverse geocoding in bulkapiKeyYesUnknown
Geocode.xyzProvides worldwide forward/reverse geocoding, batch geocoding and geoparsingNoYesUnknown
GeoJSIP geolocation with ChatOps integrationNoYesYes
GeoNamesPlace names and other geographical dataNoNoUnknown
geoPluginIP geolocation and currency conversionNoYesYes
Google Earth EngineA cloud-based platform for planetary-scale environmental data analysisapiKeyYesUnknown
Google MapsCreate/customize digital maps based on Google Maps dataapiKeyYesUnknown
GraphLocFree GraphQL IP Geolocation APINoYesUnknown
HelloSalutGet hello translation following user languageNoYesUnknown
HERE MapsCreate/customize digital maps based on HERE Maps dataapiKeyYesUnknown
Indian CitiesGet all Indian cities in a clean JSON FormatNoYesYes
IP 2 CountryMap an IP to a countryNoYesUnknown
IP Address DetailsFind geolocation with ip addressNoYesUnknown
IP ApiFind location with ip addressNoNoUnknown
IP LocationFind IP address location informationNoYesUnknown
IP SidekickGeolocation API that returns extra information about an IP addressapiKeyYesUnknown
IP VigilanteFree IP Geolocation APINoYesUnknown
IPGeolocationAPI.comLocate your visitors by IP with country detailsNoYesYes
IPInfoDBFree Geolocation tools and APIs for country, region, city and time zone lookup by IP addressapiKeyYesUnknown
ipstackLocate and identify website visitors by IP addressapiKeyYesUnknown
Kwelo NetworkLocate and get detailed information on IP addressNoYesYes
LocationIQProvides forward/reverse geocoding and batch geocodingapiKeyYesYes
MapboxCreate/customize beautiful digital mapsapiKeyYesUnknown
MexicoMexico RESTful zip codes APINoYesUnknown
One Map, SingaporeSingapore Land Authority REST API services for Singapore addressesapiKeyYesUnknown
OnWaterDetermine if a lat/lon is on water or landNoYesUnknown
OpenCageForward and reverse geocoding using open dataapiKeyYesYes
OpenStreetMapNavigation, geolocation and geographical dataOAuthNoUnknown
PostcodeData.nlProvide geolocation data based on postcode for Dutch addressesNoNoUnknown
Postcodes.ioPostcode lookup & Geolocation for the UKNoYesYes
REST CountriesGet information about countries via a RESTful APINoYesUnknown
UebermapsDiscover and share maps with friendsapiKeyYesUnknown
Utah AGRCUtah Web API for geocoding Utah addressesapiKeyYesUnknown
ViaCepBrazil RESTful zip codes APINoYesUnknown
ZipcodeapiFind out possible zip codes for a city, distance between zip codes etcapiKeyYesUnknown
ZippopotamGet information about place such as country, city, state, etcNoNoUnknown


BCLawsAccess to the laws of British ColumbiaNoNoUnknown
BusinessUSAAuthoritative information on U.S. programs, events, services and moreapiKeyYesUnknown
Census.govThe US Census Bureau provides various APIs and data sets on demographics and businessesNoYesUnknown
Colorado Data EngineFormatted and geolocated Colorado public dataNoYesUnknown
Colorado Information MarketplaceColorado State Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Data USAUS Public DataNoYesUnknown
Data.govUS Government DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Data.parliament.ukContains live datasets including information about petitions, bills, MP votes, attendence and moreNoNoUnknown
District of Columbia Open DataContains D.C. government public datasets, including crime, GIS, financial data, and so onNoYesUnknown
EPAWeb services and data sets from the US Environmental Protection AgencyNoYesUnknown
FECInformation on campaign donations in federal electionsapiKeyYesUnknown
Federal RegisterThe Daily Journal of the United States GovernmentNoYesUnknown
Food Standards AgencyUK food hygiene rating data APINoNoUnknown
Open Government, AustraliaAustralian Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, BelgiumBelgium Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, CanadaCanadian Government Open DataNoNoUnknown
Open Government, FranceFrench Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Government, IndiaIndian Government Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Open Government, ItalyItaly Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, New ZealandNew Zealand Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, TaiwanTaiwan Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Open Government, USAUnited States Government Open DataNoYesUnknown
Prague OpendataPrague City Open DataNoNoUnknown
Regulations.govFederal regulatory materials to increase understanding of the Federal rule making processapiKeyYesUnknown
Represent by Open NorthFind Canadian Government RepresentativesNoYesUnknown
USAspending.govUS federal spending dataNoYesUnknown


BetterDoctorDetailed information about doctors in your areaapiKeyYesUnknown
DiabetesLogging and retrieving diabetes informationNoNoUnknown
FlutrackInfluenza-like symptoms with geotrackingNoNoUnknown
Healthcare.govEducational content about the US Health Insurance MarketplaceNoYesUnknown
LexigramNLP that extracts mentions of clinical concepts from text, gives access to clinical ontologyapiKeyYesUnknown
MakeupMakeup InformationNoNoUnknown
MedicareAccess to the data from the CMS – medicare.govNoYesUnknown
NPPESNational Plan & Provider Enumeration System, info on healthcare providers registered in USNoYesUnknown
NutritionixWorlds largest verified nutrition databaseapiKeyYesUnknown
openFDAPublic FDA data about drugs, devices and foodsNoYesUnknown
USDA NutrientsNational Nutrient Database for Standard ReferenceNoYesUnknown


AdzunaJob board aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknown
Authentic JobsJob board for designers, hackers and creative prosapiKeyYesUnknown
CareerjetJob search engineapiKeyNoUnknown
Github JobsJobs for software developersNoYesUnknown
IndeedJob board aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknown
Jobs2CareersJob aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknown
JoobleJob search engineapiKeyYesUnknown
JujuJob search engineapiKeyNoUnknown
Open SkillsJob titles, skills and related jobs dataNoNoUnknown
ReedJob board aggregatorapiKeyYesUnknown JobsTap into a list of current jobs openings with the United States governmentNoYesUnknown
The MuseJob board and company profilesapiKeyYesUnknown
UpworkFreelance job board and management systemOAuthYesUnknown
USAJOBSUS government job boardapiKeyYesUnknown
ZipRecruiterJob search app and websiteapiKeyYesUnknown

Machine Learning

ClarifaiComputer VisionOAuthYesUnknown
CloudmersiveImage captioning, face recognition, NSFW classificationapiKeyYesYes
DialogflowNatural Language ProcessingapiKeyYesUnknown
Keen IOData AnalyticsapiKeyYesUnknown
UnpluggForecasting API for timeseries dataapiKeyYesUnknown
Wit.aiNatural Language ProcessingOAuthYesUnknown


AI MasteringAutomated Music MasteringapiKeyYesYes
BandsintownMusic EventsNoYesUnknown
GeniusCrowdsourced lyrics and music knowledgeOAuthYesUnknown
GenrenatorMusic genre generatorNoYesUnknown
iTunes SearchSoftware productsNoYesUnknown
Lyrics.ovhSimple API to retrieve the lyrics of a songNoYesUnknown
OpenwhydDownload curated playlists of streaming tracks (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc…)NoYesNo
SongkickMusic EventsOAuthYesUnknown
SongsterrProvides guitar, bass and drums tabs and chordsNoYesUnknown
SoundCloudAllow users to upload and share soundsOAuthYesUnknown
SpotifyView Spotify music catalog, manage users’ libraries, get recommendations and moreOAuthYesUnknown
TasteDiveSimilar artist API (also works for movies and TV shows)apiKeyYesUnknown
VagalumeCrowdsourced lyrics and music knowledgeapiKeyYesUnknown


Chronicling AmericaProvides access to millions of pages of historic US newspapers from the Library of CongressNoNoUnknown
CurrentsLatest news published in various news sources, blogs and forumsapiKeyYesYes
FeedbinRSS readerOAuthYesUnknown
FeedsterSearchable and categorized collections of RSS feedsapiKeyYesUnknown
New York TimesProvides newsapiKeyYesUnknown
NewsHeadlines currently published on a range of news sources and blogsapiKeyYesUnknown
NPR OnePersonalized news listening experience from NPROAuthYesUnknown
The GuardianAccess all the content the Guardian creates, categorised by tags and sectionapiKeyYesUnknown
The Old ReaderRSS readerapiKeyYesUnknown

Open Data

18FUnofficial US Federal Government API DevelopmentNoNoUnknown
AbbreviationGet abbreviations and meaningsX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
Archive.orgThe Internet ArchiveNoYesUnknown
Callook.infoUnited States ham radio callsignsNoYesUnknown
CARTOLocation Information PredictionapiKeyYesUnknown
CelebinfoCelebrity informationX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
CivicFeedNews articles and public datasetsapiKeyYesUnknown
DatakickThe open product databaseapiKeyYesUnknown
Enigma PublicBroadest collection of public dataapiKeyYesYes
fonoApiMobile Device DescriptionNoYesUnknown
French Address SearchAddress search via the French GovernmentNoYesUnknown
LinkPreviewGet JSON formatted summary with title, description and preview image for any requested URLapiKeyYesYes
Marijuana StrainsMarijuana strains, races, flavors and effectsapiKeyNoUnknown
Microlink.ioExtract structured data from any websiteNoYesYes
QuandlStock Market DataNoYesUnknown
Recreation Information DatabaseRecreational areas, federal lands, historic sites, museums, and other attractions/resources(US)apiKeyYesUnknown
Scoop.itContent Curation ServiceapiKeyNoUnknown
TeleportQuality of Life DataNoYesUnknown
Universities ListUniversity names, countries and domainsNoYesUnknown
University of OsloCourses, lecture videos, detailed information for courses etc. for the University of Oslo (Norway)NoYesUnknown
UPC databaseMore than 1.5 million barcode numbers from all around the worldapiKeyYesUnknown
WikidataCollaboratively edited knowledge base operated by the Wikimedia FoundationOAuthYesUnknown
WikipediaMediawiki EncyclopediaNoYesUnknown
YelpFind Local BusinessOAuthYesUnknown

Open Source Projects

CountlyCountly web analyticsNoNoUnknown
Evil Insult GeneratorEvil InsultsNoYesYes
Libraries.ioOpen source software librariesapiKeyYesUnknown


EPOEuropean patent search system apiOAuthYesUnknown
TIPOTaiwan patent search system apiapiKeyYesUnknown
USPTOUSA patent api servicesNoYesUnknown


Advice SlipGenerate random advice slipsNoYesUnknown
chucknorris.ioJSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris jokesNoYesUnknown
FavQs.comFavQs allows you to collect, discover and share your favorite quotesapiKeyYesUnknown
FOAASFuck Off As A ServiceNoNoUnknown
ForismaticInspirational QuotesNoNoUnknown
icanhazdadjokeThe largest selection of dad jokes on the internetNoYesUnknown
kanye.restREST API for random Kanye West quotesNoYesYes
MediumCommunity of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideasOAuthYesUnknown
Programming Quotes APIProgramming Quotes API for open source projects.NoYesUnknown
Quotes on DesignInspirational QuotesNoYesUnknown
TraitifyAssess, collect and analyze PersonalityNoYesUnknown
tronalddump.ioApi & web archive for the things Donald Trump has saidNoYesUnknown


FlickrFlickr ServicesOAuthYesUnknown
Getty ImagesBuild applications using the world’s most powerful imageryOAuthYesUnknown
GfycatJiffier GIFsOAuthYesUnknown
GiphyGet all your gifsapiKeyYesUnknown
GyazoUpload imagesapiKeyYesUnknown
Lorem PicsumImages from UnsplashNoYesUnknown
PixhostUpload images, photos, galleriesNoYesUnknown
PlaceKittenResizable kitten placeholder imagesNoYesUnknown
ScreenShotLayerURL 2 ImageNoYesUnknown

Science & Math

arcsecond.ioMultiple astronomy data sourcesNoYesUnknown
COREAccess the world’s Open Access research papersapiKeyYesUnknown
iDigBioAccess millions of museum specimens from organizations around the worldNoYesUnknown
inspirehep.netHigh Energy Physics info. systemNoYesUnknown
Launch LibraryUpcoming Space LaunchesNoYesUnknown
Minor Planet InformationNoNoUnknown
NASANASA data, including imageryNoYesUnknown
NewtonSymbolic and Arithmetic Math CalculatorNoYesUnknown
NumbersFacts about numbersNoNoUnknown
Open NotifyISS astronauts, current location, etcNoNoUnknown
Open Science FrameworkRepository and archive for study designs, research materials, data, manuscripts, etcNoYesUnknown
SHAREA free, open, dataset about research and scholarly activitiesNoYesUnknown
SpaceXCompany, vehicle, launchpad and launch dataNoYesUnknown
Sunrise and SunsetSunset and sunrise times for a given latitude and longitudeNoYesUnknown
USGS Earthquake Hazards ProgramEarthquakes data real-timeNoYesUnknown
USGS Water ServicesWater quality and level info for rivers and lakesNoYesUnknown
World BankWorld DataNoNoUnknown


AXFR DatabaseAXFR public databaseNoNoUnknown
FilterListsLists of filters for adblockers and firewallsNoYesUnknown
HaveIBeenPwnedPasswords which have previously been exposed in data breachesNoYesUnknown
National Vulnerability DatabaseU.S. National Vulnerability DatabaseNoYesUnknown
SecurityTrailsDomain and IP related information such as current and historical WHOIS and DNS recordsapiKeyYesUnknown
ShodanSearch engine for Internet connected devicesapiKeyYesUnknown
UK PoliceUK Police dataNoYesUnknown


Best BuyProducts, Buying Options, Categories, Recommendations, Stores and CommerceapiKeyYesUnknown
BratabaseDatabase of different types of Bra SizesOAuthYesUnknown
eBaySell and Buy on eBayOAuthYesUnknown
Wal-MartItem price and availabilityapiKeyYesUnknown
WegmansWegmans Food MarketsapiKeyYesUnknown


BufferAccess to pending and sent updates in BufferOAuthYesUnknown
Cisco SparkTeam Collaboration SoftwareOAuthYesUnknown
DiscordMake bots for Discord, integrate Discord onto an external platformOAuthYesUnknown
DisqusCommunicate with Disqus dataOAuthYesUnknown
FacebookFacebook Login, Share on FB, Social Plugins, Analytics and moreOAuthYesUnknown
FoursquareInteract with Foursquare users and places (geolocation-based checkins, photos, tips, events, etc)OAuthYesUnknown
Fuck Off as a ServiceAsks someone to fuck offNoYesUnknown
Full ContactGet Social Media profiles and contact InformationOAuthYesUnknown
HackerNewsSocial news for CS and entrepreneurshipNoYesUnknown
InstagramInstagram Login, Share on Instagram, Social Plugins and moreOAuthYesUnknown
LinkedInThe foundation of all digital integrations with LinkedInOAuthYesUnknown
Meetup.comData about Meetups from Meetup.comapiKeyYesUnknown
MySocialAppSeamless Social Networking features, API, SDK to any appapiKeyYesUnknown
Open CollectiveGet Open Collective dataNoYesUnknown
PinterestThe world’s catalog of ideasOAuthYesUnknown
PWRTelegram botBoosted version of the Telegram bot APIOAuthYesUnknown
RedditHomepage of the internetOAuthYesUnknown
SharedCountSocial media like and share data for any URLapiKeyYesUnknown
SlackTeam Instant MessagingOAuthYesUnknown
Telegram BotSimplified HTTP version of the MTProto API for botsOAuthYesUnknown
Telegram MTProtoRead and write Telegram dataOAuthYesUnknown
Trash NothingA freecycling community with thousands of free items posted every dayOAuthYesYes
TumblrRead and write Tumblr DataOAuthYesUnknown
TwitchGame Streaming APIOAuthYesUnknown
TwitterRead and write Twitter dataOAuthYesNo
vkRead and write vk dataOAuthYesUnknown

Sports & Fitness

balldontlieBallldontlie provides access to stats data from the NBANoYesYes
BikeWiseBikewise is a place to learn about and report bike crashes, hazards and theftsNoYesUnknown
Canadian Football League (CFL)Official JSON API providing real-time league, team and player statistics about the CFLapiKeyYesNo
Cartola FCThe Cartola FC API serves to check the partial points of your teamNoYesUnknown
City BikesCity Bikes around the worldNoNoUnknown
Cricket Live ScoresLive cricket scoresX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
Ergast F1F1 data from the beginning of the world championships in 1950NoYesUnknown
FitbitFitbit InformationOAuthYesUnknown
Football (Soccer) VideosEmbed codes for goals and highlights from Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and many moreNoYesYes
Football PredictionPredictions for upcoming football matches, odds, results and statsX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
Football-Data.orgFootball DataNoNoUnknown
JCDecaux BikeJCDecaux’s self-service bicyclesapiKeyYesUnknown
NBA StatsCurrent and historical NBA StatisticsNoYesUnknown
NFL ArrestsNFL Arrest DataNoNoUnknown
Pro MotocrossThe RESTful AMA Pro Motocross lap times for every racer on the start gateNoNoUnknown
StravaConnect with athletes, activities and moreOAuthYesUnknown
SuredBitsQuery sports data, including teams, players, games, scores and statisticsNoNoNo
TheSportsDBCrowd-Sourced Sports Data and ArtworkapiKeyYesYes
WgerWorkout manager data as exercises, muscles or equipmentapiKeyYesUnknown

Test Data

Adorable AvatarsGenerate random cartoon avatarsNoYesUnknown
Bacon IpsumA Meatier Lorem Ipsum GeneratorNoYesUnknown
Dicebear AvatarsGenerate random pixel-art avatarsNoYesNo
FakeJSONService to generate test and fake dataapiKeyYesYes
FHIRFast Healthcare Interoperability Resources test dataNoYesUnknown
Hipster IpsumGenerates Hipster Ipsum textNoNoUnknown
IdenticonGenerates abstract avatar imageNoYesYes
JSONPlaceholderFake data for testing and prototypingNoNoUnknown
Lorem TextGenerates Lorem Ipsum textX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
LoremPicsumGenerate placeholder picturesNoNoUnknown
LoripsumThe “lorem ipsum” generator that doesn’t suckNoNoUnknown
RandomUserGenerates random user dataNoYesUnknown
RoboHashGenerate random robot/alien avatarsNoYesUnknown
UI NamesGenerate random fake namesNoYesUnknown
Yes NoGenerate yes or no randomlyNoYesUnknown

Text Analysis

Aylien Text AnalysisA collection of information retrieval and natural language APIsapiKeyYesUnknown
Cloudmersive Natural Language ProcessingNatural language processing and text analysisapiKeyYesYes
Detect LanguageDetects text languageapiKeyYesUnknown
Google Cloud NaturalNatural language understanding technology, including sentiment, entity and syntax analysisapiKeyYesUnknown
SemantiraText Analytics with sentiment analysis, categorization & named entity extractionOAuthYesUnknown
Watson Natural Language UnderstandingNatural language processing for advanced text analysisOAuthYesUnknown


PostmonAn API to query Brazilian ZIP codes and orders easily, quickly and freeNoNoUnknown
SwedenProvides information about parcels in transportapiKeyNoUnknown
UPSShipment and Address informationapiKeyYesUnknown
WhatPulseSmall application that measures your keyboard/mouse usageNoYesUnknown


ADS-B ExchangeAccess real-time and historical data of any and all airborne aircraftNoYesUnknown
AIS HubReal-time data of any marine and inland vessel equipped with AIS tracking systemapiKeyNoUnknown
AIS WebAeronautical information in digital media produced by the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA)apiKeyNoUnknown
Amadeus Travel Innovation SandboxTravel Search – Limited usageapiKeyYesUnknown
Bay Area Rapid TransitStations and predicted arrivals for BARTapiKeyNoUnknown
BlaBlaCarSearch car sharing tripsapiKeyYesUnknown
Community TransitTransitland APINoYesUnknown
GoibiboAPI for travel searchapiKeyYesUnknown
GraphHopperA-to-B routing with turn-by-turn instructionsapiKeyYesUnknown
Icelandic APIsOpen APIs that deliver services in or regarding IcelandNoYesUnknown
Indian RailwaysIndian Railways InformationapiKeyNoUnknown
IziAudio guide for travellersapiKeyYesUnknown
NavitiaThe open API for building cool stuff with transport dataapiKeyYesUnknown
REFUGE RestroomsProvides safe restroom access for transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming individualsNoYesUnknown
Schiphol AirportSchipholapiKeyYesUnknown
TransitLandTransit AggregationNoYesUnknown
Transport for Atlanta, USMartaNoNoUnknown
Transport for Auckland, New ZealandAuckland TransportNoYesUnknown
Transport for BelgiumBelgian transport APINoYesUnknown
Transport for Berlin, GermanyThird-party VBB APINoYesUnknown
Transport for Boston, USMBTA APINoNoUnknown
Transport for Budapest, HungaryBudapest public transport APINoYesUnknown
Transport for Chicago, USCTANoNoUnknown
Transport for Czech RepublicCzech transport APINoYesUnknown
Transport for Denver, USRTDNoNoUnknown
Transport for FinlandFinnish transport APINoYesUnknown
Transport for GermanyDeutsche Bahn (DB) APIapiKeyNoUnknown
Transport for Grenoble, FranceGrenoble public transportNoNoNo
Transport for Honolulu, USHonolulu Transportation InformationapiKeyNoUnknown
Transport for IndiaIndia Public Transport APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Transport for London, EnglandTfL APINoYesUnknown
Transport for Madrid, SpainMadrid BUS transport APIapiKeyNoUnknown
Transport for Manchester, EnglandTfGM transport network dataapiKeyYesNo
Transport for Minneapolis, USNexTrip APIOAuthNoUnknown
Transport for New York City, USMTAapiKeyNoUnknown
Transport for NorwayNorwegian transport APINoNoUnknown
Transport for Ottawa, CanadaOC Transpo next bus arrival APINoNoUnknown
Transport for Paris, FranceLive schedules made simpleNoNoUnknown
Transport for Paris, FranceRATP Open Data APINoNoUnknown
Transport for Philadelphia, USSEPTA APIsNoNoUnknown
Transport for Sao Paulo, BrazilSPTransOAuthNoUnknown
Transport for SwedenPublic Transport consumerOAuthYesUnknown
Transport for SwitzerlandOfficial Swiss Public Transport Open DataapiKeyYesUnknown
Transport for SwitzerlandSwiss public transport APINoYesUnknown
Transport for The NetherlandsNS, only trainsapiKeyNoUnknown
Transport for The NetherlandsOVAPI, country-wide public transportNoYesUnknown
Transport for Toronto, CanadaTTCNoYesUnknown
Transport for United StatesNextBus APINoNoUnknown
Transport for Vancouver, CanadaTransLinkOAuthYesUnknown
Transport for Victoria, AUPTV APIapiKeyYesUnknown
Transport for Washington, USWashington Metro transport APIOAuthYesUnknown
UberUber ride requests and price estimationOAuthYesYes
WhereIsMyTransportPlatform for public transport data in emerging citiesOAuthYesUnknown

URL Shorteners

BitlyURL shortener and link managementOAuthYesUnknown
CleanURIURL shortener serviceNoYesYes
ClickMeterMonitor, compare and optimize your marketing linksapiKeyYesUnknown
RebrandlyCustom URL shortener for sharing branded linksapiKeyYesUnknown
RelinkFree and secure URL shortenerNoYesYes


Brazilian Vehicles and PricesVehicles information from Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas – FipeNoYesUnknown
Kelley Blue BookVehicle info, pricing, configuration, plus much moreapiKeyYesNo
Mercedes-BenzTelematics data, remotely access vehicle functions, car configurator, locate service dealersapiKeyYesNo
NHTSANHTSA Product Information Catalog and Vehicle ListingNoYesUnknown
SmartcarLock and unlock vehicles and get data like odometer reading and location. Works on most new cars.OAuthYesYes


An API of Ice And FireGame Of Thrones APINoYesUnknown
Breaking Bad QuotesSome Breaking Bad quotesNoYesUnknown
Czech TelevisionTV programme of Czech TVNoNoUnknown
DailymotionDailymotion Developer APIOAuthYesUnknown
Open Movie DatabaseMovie informationapiKeyYesUnknown
Ron Swanson QuotesTelevisionNoYesUnknown
STAPIInformation on all things Star TrekNoNoNo
SWAPIStar Wars InformationNoYesUnknown
TMDbCommunity-based movie dataapiKeyYesUnknown
TVDBTelevision dataapiKeyYesUnknown
TVMazeTV Show DataNoNoUnknown
UtellyCheck where a tv show or movie is availableX-Mashape-KeyYesUnknown
VimeoVimeo Developer APIOAuthYesUnknown
YouTubeAdd YouTube functionality to your sites and appsOAuthYesUnknown


7Timer!Weather, especially for AstroweatherNoNoUnknown
Dark SkyWeatherapiKeyYesNo
Meteorologisk InstituttWeather and climate dataNoYesUnknown
NOAA Climate DataWeather and climate dataapiKeyYesUnknown
ODWeatherWeather and weather webcamsNoNoUnknown
OpenUVReal-time UV Index ForecastapiKeyYesUnknown
Storm GlassGlobal marine weather from multiple sourcesapiKeyYesYes