POBA-TAGS bridge the gap between physical and digital asset management.”

What is it?

POBA tags or (Personal Ownership Blockchain Assets) are ERC-721 Ethereum non-fungible tokens, used to record, verify and authenticate physical and digital assets on the blockchain.

POBA TAGS are specialized Ethereum tokens that carry a unique individual signature that is attached to a specific asset held in inventory. No duplication may exist. POBA tags stop product counterfeiting and theft while offering customers an easy and secure method of asset management.


POBA TAGS are designed to authenticate and validate data. We utilize the entire ethereum blockchain to create our decentralized platform for the management of assets.

Using specialized Chainlink nodes, we can connect to real world data and live inventory api applications to introduce next level automation, security and product validation.

POBA TAGS are Ethereum tokens that create a digital, non-alterable, individually unique token perfect for authentication, function control, permissions and proof of ownership. Assigning individual digital blockchain POBA TAGS, you can promise your customers proof of authenticity, embed product data, direct customer traffic all using a highly cost effective and easy to use platform.

POBA TAG Batches will begin deploying soon.

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