POBA Tags need a crypto wallet for storage.

Enter your license key or tap a NFC enabled sticker.

Your unique crypto POBA Tag will be minted within moments!


POBA app is a Ethereum blockchain dApp that communicates with FourSwords oracle network providing real time off-chain API data including; inventory,  point-of-sale and e-commerce enterprise software. POBA offers cryptographic solutions for retailers and manufactures that automatically and seamlessly enable companies to provide their customers the best in product identification, verification and anti-counterfeiting capabilities. This is all done using a trade-able, non-fungible hybrid erc-721 ethereum token we call POBA and a web app for your customers to authenticate their products and obtain proof of ownership in a efficient, economical, secure and entertaining way!

POBA Tags work great for; Wine, liquors, fashion, leathers, luxury hand bags, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, jewelry, medicine, documentation and more!

Options for QR coded products, NFC chipped smart stickers & RFID available in @ www.pobatag.com

Use your Eth wallet

Save POBA Tags in your MetaMask wallet or use our web based wallet application to collect or keep track of your tags or send to other users.

Verify your product

When you tap, scan or enter a POBA tag serial # that information is sent to a blockchain app that will call product manufacturers data api.

Mint your POBA!

Once verified, your unique one-of-a-kind crypto token will be minted and sent to your wallet address of your choice!

Anti-Counterfeiting POBA Stickers!

POBA smart stickers, or POBA tags. The labels or stickers can be affixed to almost any product of value to create immediate unique product authentication and customer ownership. POBA tags are high-quality holographic, NFC chip embedded labels or QR codes to offer a secure, easy and economical solution to anti-counterfeiting.

Want to learn more?

POBA providers manufacturers, retailers, artist and distributors a blockchain storage and token distribution service and platform for the verification and authentication of real world hard assets.

Currently running POBA on FourSwords own online eCommerce store.

Users wanting to demo POBA dApp can do so on the Ropsten testnet by clicking the “testnet guide” button link below.
Product vendors wanting to learn more about POBA counterfeit deterrent solutions click the “POBAtag.com” website button below!