Performance Monitoring

Performance Based Service Monitoring & Subscription

Oracle Performance Monitoring SmartContracts

In today’s changing world organisations are pushing their services with a promise to deliver a pre defined measurable amount of performance. As the performance of these services increase, as does the cost of these services. Performance based issues require the customer to identify and contact the service company. Our aim is to provide an automated performance based payment/remit method for any measurable service, and in this instance the product is a managed Chainlink node. To ensure node reputation, customers require a guarantee that the company managing the node will have processes and systems in place to ensure the node is operating 24/7.

We start with a Smart Contract that holds a pool of ETH supplied by the vendor, which then pays out the daily cost for managing the node for any day where the node uptime was less than 98.96%. For this to happen the nodes status is checked every 5min via At the end of every week the Smart Contact calls the UptimeRobot API via a Chainlink node and calculates any required remit. The ETH remit is then sent to the node which then can be used for gas payments or withdrawn as required.

We start by creating a Smart Contract that holds the required details so each node can be identified and  pool of ETH which is supplied by the vendor. For the Smart Contract to act on the data provided by uptime robot a Chainlink adapter is connected to the api and returns the daily uptime for the node, where the node status is checked every 5min. 

If the daily uptime is less than 23 hours and 45 minutes then the contract sends the daily cost in of managing the node to the node in ETH, this works out to be around 99% uptime. If the node uptime is greater than 23 hours and 45min then no action is taken. The payouts are calculated at the end of every week and sends out any required remit. 

The ETH remit is then sent to the node which then can be used for gas payments or withdrawn as required and can be seen on Etherscan.