• Oracle Network

FS Oracles

Oracle 1

Network: Ethereum Main
Region: us-central-1

Address: 0x95a6EE62677A693f2AA41EdB9FBa88d158d65CAd
Oracle Contract: 0x01EDA8659b76E231F6c26B9461E0987b939957a8

eth32post: 2961e6a0347f493ea4aa1b6853b3bdce
eth32get: ccbca6e686224baca29d2cc6bc383310
ethuint256: 3de85dbd0b884e0a9f68fd396c53db18
ethint256: e97181e035bb46a1a37e1900e318f808
ethbool: db35f2631bc94ca798f4aa94139ae6c6

FS Store(POBA) | JOB ID: ad6b471805fa48edb77da81a376b60b7
Open Exchange Rates | JOB ID: 8b6b65f7e91b4292b2bc6c82412caf21
World Market Stock Quotes | JOB ID: 68032913cf4a4626878c4b436b09fdc1

Ropsten Testnet Oracle

For SmartContract developers wanting to test connections we suggest using our testnet node on the Ropsten Ethereum Network.