A ERC677 Security token.

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Circulating Supply: 350 Million

Operator Owned Supply: 150 Million

Ropsten Address


Mainnet Contract Address


FOUR is utilized by Four Swords node operators to scale network and access additional network resources.  FS node operators can create their own sub-networks by acquiring additional network addresses. Network “land” or “property” can be obtained by staking claim with FOUR tokens’.

Data marketplace and Chainlink Oracle providers.

144,000,000 FOUR Tokens will be placed in timed storage reserved for the first 144 node operators to be released in 24 months.

Operators will receive a active transferable title of network ownership.

There are 150 network addresses available total.

  • 144 addresses will be claimed by oracle operators.
  • 4 addresses will be reserved for regional directors
  • 1 address reserved for master node
  • 1 address reserved for ML/Ai node

FourSwords will capitalize on the exchange of several different data sets to provide real profit generating present day use cases to create a truly decentralized, self-governing, profit generating autonomous marketplace for both data vendors and consumers.

100 % of Network Job earnings is distributed to Oracles on network.

The first 144 node operators to join the network will be provided with 1 network address with verified proof of ownership, 1,000,000 FOUR Tokens in timed lock storage with transferable title of ownership & the support of the many FourSwords members emerging worldwide on the front-line to the fourth industrial revolution!

FOUR Tokens will be available on the DEX and through our Token Box App

Only purchase FOUR Tokens through a verified website, Twitter or Discord link