Here is a list of commonly asked questions regarding Fourswords and being a Chainlink Node Operator on our network.

Why Become A Node Operator
By operating a blockchain Oracle, you’re able to offer an API for direct purchase by smart contracts. Once your node receives a request from a smart contract, it fulfills that request using your existing APIs, allowing you to sell your services to the large & growing blockchain economy. 

Is Fourswords Partnered with Chainlink.
No, Fourswords is run by a group of individuals passionate about Blockchain technology, we just use their tech.

What regions are you currently operating in?
FourSwords is currently working with people in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Austria, Ireland, France, Brazil and South Korea. We are growing daily!

Why is your Network divided by region?
We wanted to group node operators by region because different regions will require different variations of data.

Where is your company located?
Our core team is based in the United States. FourSwords node operators work remotely from all over the world.

Will Fourswords be providing jobs for node operators?
We are launching two blockchain applications in early 2020 and will be asking FS node operators to fulfil paid data request for these applications. This will be a first to come, first to be served basis and 100% optional.

Can I own a Chainlink Node without being a node operator?
Yes! If you are looking to run a blockchain oracle for research or business but do not know how you can lease a node through Fourswords or one of our many node operators.  Your data specifications can be defined and jobs can be deployed to fulfill data to your customers or enterprise users. 

Can I hire Fourswords to develop my Smartcontract?
Yes! We have an in-house development team that can work with any company or business to develop your next or your first Smartcontract on the blockchain.

I have a Smartcontract but want to connect it to my website, can Fourswords help?
Yes! We have developers who can work with you and your programmers to develop the perfect web user interface for interacting with your Smartcontracts! 

Do you require KYC/ML compliance checks?
We do not require KYC verification checks from node operators. Occasionally, a specific client may request participating node operators to be verified before fulfilling data. This will be up to the node operators discretion to accept the job or not. 

How are node operators ranked or reviewed?
Node operators working in Fourswords marketplace will be rated on job completion rates, acceptance rates and hardware technical specifications. Vendor written customer reviews will be enabled also. 
Still have questions? Email us at support@fourswords.io.

* 1/11/2020 | Edited by Administrator