Here is a list of commonly asked questions regarding Fourswords and being a Chainlink Node Operator on our network.

What is FourSwords.
A Limited Liability Company Registered in the United States as a blockchain development and consulting firm.

What does FourSwords do?
FourSwords conducts various research and development focused on decentralized finance, SmartContract development, off-chain data fulfillment, Virtual Cloud Services and Chainlink node hosting.

Can I hire Fourswords to develop my dApp or SmartContract?
Yes! We can develop and interface your blockchain dApp or deploy a SmartContract

I have a Smartcontract but I want to connect it to my website, can Fourswords help?
Yes! We have developers who can work with you and your programmers to develop the perfect web user interface to connect your blockchain app.

Can anyone register an oracle on FS network?
Yes. Our network is developing to accommodate independent node operators. There are no exclusions as long as registration is open.

How long will oracle registration stay open?
A limit on registration will be placed at one-hundred and forty-four oracles.

What is POBA?
POBA, Physical. Object. Blockchain. Is our first attempt at producing a dApp that relies on Chainlink Oracles and the Ethereum blockchain to provide a anti-counterfeit, product authentication solution for online stores and point of sale software. To learn more go to POBAtag.com

* Sep 13, 2020 | Edited by Administrator