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Remix IDE Web\local Install

Remix is a browser-based compiler and IDE that enables users to build Ethereum contracts with Solidity language and to debug transactions.

To try it out, visit https://remix.ethereum.org.

https://github.com/ethereum/remix-ide/releases also gives others ways to use Remix locally. Please check it out.

Remix consists of many modules and in this repository you will find the Remix IDE (aka. Browser-Solidity).

Remix screenshot

Offline Usage

The gh-pages branch has always the latest stable build of Remix. It also contains a ZIP file with the entire build. Download it to use offline.

Note: it contains the latest release of Solidity available at the time of the packaging. No other compiler versions are supported.


Install npm and node.js (see https://docs.npmjs.com/getting-started/installing-node), then do:

Remix-ide has been published as an npm module:

npm install remix-ide -g

Or if you want to clone the github repository (wget need to be installed first) :

git clone https://github.com/ethereum/remix-ide.git
git clone https://github.com/ethereum/remix.git # only if you plan to link remix and remix-ide repositories and develop on it.

cd remix  # only if you plan to link remix and remix-ide repositories and develop on it.
npm install  # only if you plan to link remix and remix-ide repositories and develop on it.
npm run bootstrap  # only if you plan to link remix and remix-ide repositories and develop on it.

cd remix-ide
npm install
npm run setupremix  # only if you plan to link remix and remix-ide repositories and develop on it.
npm start


Run npm start and open in your browser.

Then open your text editor and start developing. The browser will automatically refresh when files are saved.

Most of the the time working with other modules (like debugger etc.) hosted in the Remix repository is not needed.

Troubleshooting building

Some things to consider if you have trouble building the package:

  • Make sure that you have the correct version of node, npm and nvm. You can find the version that is tested on Travis CI by looking at the log in the build results.


node --version
npm --version
nvm --version
  • In Debian based OS such as Ubuntu 14.04LTS you may need to run apt-get install build-essential. After installing build-essential run npm rebuild.

Unit Testing

Register new unit test files in test/index.js. The tests are written using tape.

Run the unit tests via: npm test

For local headless browser tests run npm run test-browser (requires Selenium to be installed – can be done with npm run selenium-install)

Running unit tests via npm test requires at least node v7.0.0

Browser Testing

To run the Selenium tests via Nightwatch:

  • Build Remix IDE and serve it: npm run build && npm run serve # starts web server at localhost:8080
  • Make sure Selenium is installed npm run selenium-install # don’t need to repeat
  • Run a selenium server npm run selenium
  • Run all the tests npm run nightwatch_local_firefox or npm run nightwatch_local_chrome
  • Or run a specific test case: - npm run nightwatch_local_ballot - npm run nightwatch_local_libraryDeployment - npm run nightwatch_local_solidityImport - npm run nightwatch_local_recorder - npm run nightwatch_local_transactionExecution - npm run nightwatch_local_staticAnalysis - npm run nightwatch_local_signingMessage - npm run nightwatch_local_console - npm run nightwatch_local_remixd # remixd needs to be run

Usage as a Chrome Extension

If you would like to use this as a Chrome extension, you must either build it first or pull from the gh-pages branch, both described above. After that, follow these steps:

  • Browse to chrome://extensions/
  • Make sure ‘Developer mode’ has been checked
  • Click ‘Load unpacked extension…’ to pop up a file-selection dialog
  • Select your remix-ide folder


To see details about how to use Remix for developing and/or debugging Solidity contracts, please see our documentation page

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