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Public Polygon RPC Nodes

Public Polygon RPC Nodes

Mainnet POLYGON RPC Nodes

Mainnet POLYGON RPC Endpoints (ChainID 137):


Testnet POLYGON RPC Nodes

Testnet POLYGON RPC Endpoints (ChainID 80001):


Usage Notes:

You can start the HTTP JSON-RPC with the --rpc flag

## mainnet
geth attach https://rpc-mainnet.maticvigil.com

## testnet
geth attach https://rpc-mumbai.maticvigil.com

JSON-RPC methods
Please refer to this wiki page or use Postman: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/4117254/ethereum-json-rpc/RVu7CT5J?version=latest

Originally published @ https://polygonscan.com/apis#rpc

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