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The RunLog initiator is the easiest initiator to use when integrating ChainLink with on-chain contracts. It works similarly to EthLog, but adds some helpful glue in to stitch together the off-chain job with the on-chain contracts.

When a RunLog job is created, ChainLink begins watching the blockchain for any log events that include that job’s ID. If any of the events that come back match the log event signature of the ChainLink oracle contract, then the ChainLink node parses the data out of that log and passes it into a new log run.

A new run created by a RunLog is automatically given the parameters needed for an EthTx task to report the run back to the contract that originally created the event log.

RunLog Parameters

RunLog initiators take an optional address parameter. The address parameter is optional, and takes an Ethereum address. By adding the address parameter, you make the event filter of the RunLog initiator more restrictive, only listening for events from that address, instead of any address.

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