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Gnome3 Ubuntu Server GUI Install Guide

Ubuntu Linux install Gnome desktop on server

Update Ubuntu Linux server using apt-get command

First you need to update packages, run the apt command or apt-get command:
$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

How To install GNOME in Ubuntu Linux

There are two ways to install Gnome desktop on an Ubuntu Linux:

  1. tasksel command: tasksel shows all available tasks and allows to user to select ones to install such as Gnome 3 desktop.
  2. apt or apt-get command: You can directly run command to install the entire desktop.

Install Gnome 3 (gnome-shell) on Ubuntu 18.04/18.10 using tasksel

Ubuntu Linux install Gnome desktop on server using tasksel

You can choose to install one or more of the predefined collections of software such as Kubuntu, Ubuntu desktop or LAMP server. Install tasksel as follows:
$ sudo apt install tasksel
Run tasksel as follows:
$ sudo tasksel

Make sure you select required group (such as Ubuntu desktop) by pressing space bar followed by OK button.

Tip: Full GNOME desktop installation on Ubuntu Linux using tasksel

How to install Gnome on Ubuntu Bionic Beaver Linux Server

Run the following command:
sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop

How to install GNOME on Ubuntu using apt-get

Search for Ubuntu desktop system packages using apt-cache

You can search for desktop package using the apt command or apt-cache command:
$ apt-cache search ubuntu-desktop
$ apt search ubuntu-desktop

To install the Ubuntu desktop system (gnome 3), run:
$ sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop
OR use transitional package name for Gnome 3 desktop:
$ sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-desktop
Run the following to install Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system (kde):
$ sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop
Want Lubuntu Desktop environment?, Try:
$ sudo apt install lubuntu-desktop
Execute the following command to install Xubuntu desktop system:
$ sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop

How to check status of gdm

systemctl gdm status output

GDM is a gnome desktop manager that allows to login into your deskop. Check status with the following systemct command:
$ systemctl status gdm

Gnome desktop in action

Running gnome desktop on my server
Ubuntu Linux Desktop 2

My default desktop running on Ubuntu Linux 18.10:


Congratulations. You successfully installed Gnome 3 desktop on Ubuntu Linux server. To access remote Ubuntu Linux desktop you need to use the vnc client. For more info see this page.

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