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Chainlink to URL end-point

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This guide presumes that you have a Chainlink node running and an external adapter with a URL endpoint available.

When you have set up your External adapter to run on AWS Lambda or GCP, take note of the URL endpoint that you will use to trigger your adapter.

Head over to your Chainlink node’s UI, and go to the Bridges page from the top menu. Then click the New bridge button.

You will then be presented with a form. The only fields you need to pay attention to the Bridge Name and Bridge URL. Bridge Name This is the identifier for this bridge/adapter/URL. You will use this identifier when setting up jobs. Bridge URL This is the URL endpoint you got from AWS/GCP.

Create Bridge form

Click Create Bridge and go to the bridge page to make sure everything got saved.

Bridge details page

Your Bridge is now ready to be used in jobs! Whenever you want to call your external adapter/URL endpoint, use your bridge name in the job spec.

In this case, we would use coinmarketcap in future job specs for this adapter.

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