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CoinMarketCap Adapter

Alpha Vantage Inc. has partnered with major exchanges and institutions around the world to become a leading provider of stock APIs as well as forex (FX) and digital/crypto currency data feeds.

  • Stock APIs in JSON, Excel & Google Sheets
  • Forex and cryptocurrency data feeds
  • 50+ technical indicators
  • Global coverage

Adapter for use on Google Cloud Platform, AWS Lambda or Docker. Upload Zip and use trigger URL as bridge endpoint.


git clone

npm install

Create Zip:

zip -r

Adapter can be deployed in Docker container as server within linux instance or ran as serverless adapter as function inside GCP or AWS.


Create a cloud function in GCP or Lambda, and set the handler function according to the platform you are using.

GCP: gcpservice
AWS: handler
REMEMBER TO set the environment variable API_KEY to your CoinMarketCap API Key!

Docker Setup

docker build . -t cmcadaptor
docker run -d \
    --name cmcadaptor \
    -p 80:80 \
    -e PORT=80 \
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