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Register Keeper Upkeep for a Contract

Register Keeper Upkeep for a Contract

Open Beta

Chainlink Keepers is in beta. We’re continuing to test the network with users and improve the experience based on your needs. Please reach out to keeper@chain.link with any feedback.

Once you have deployed a Keeper compatible contract, we need to register it with the Chainlink Keeper Network. You must do this via the Chainlink Keepers Website.Chainlink Keepers Website

Once registerd, you can interact directly with the registry contract functions (cancelUpkeepaddFunds, etc).

The website will walk you through several steps.

  1. Connect your wallet with the button in the top right corner and choose a chain. The Chainlink Keeper Network currently supports Ethereum Mainnet or Kovan.

  2. Metamask
  3. Click the Register new upkeep button
    Register New Upkeep
  4. Fill out the registration form
    The information you provide will be publicly visible on the blockchain. Your email address will be encrypted.Make sure you have LINK to fund your Upkeep with. Learn how to acquire testnet LINK.FUNDING NOTEYou should fund your contract with more LINK that you anticipate you will need. The network will not check or perform your Upkeep if your balance could be too low based on current exchange rates.Your balance will be charged LINK based on a 20% premium over the gas cost to performUpeep. There’s currently a ~80k gas overhead from the registry. The premium and overhead are not fixed and will change over time.The gas limit of the example counter contract should be set to 200,000.
  5. Press Register upkeep and confirm the transaction in MetaMask
    This will send a request to the Chainlink Keeper Network which will need to be manually approved. This is a temporary step during the Beta, and requests are automatically approved on testnets, so you should be up and running in a matter of minutes.success
  6. Add funds to your Upkeep
    Your contract was provided initial funding as part of the registration step, but once this runs out, you’ll need to add more LINK to your Upkeep.
  • Click View Upkeep or navigate back to the home page of the Chainlink Keepers Website and click on your recently registered Upkeep
  • Press Add funds button
  • Approve the LINK spend allowance
  • Confirm LINK transfer by sending funds to the Chainlink Keeper Network Registry
  • Receive a success message and verify that the funds were added to the Upkeep

How funding works

  • Your balance will be reduced each time a Keeper executes your performUpkeep method.
  • There is no cost for checkUpkeep calls
  • If you want to automate adding funds, you can directly call the addFunds() function on the KeeperRegistry contract.
  • Anyone (not just the Upkeep owner) can call the addFunds() function
  • To withdraw funds, first cancel the Upkeep


After you register your Upkeep, it has been approved, and you have added sufficient funds, the Chainlink Keeper Network will begin to simulate checkUpkeep calls, and execute your contract’s performUpkeep as needed.

You have now built and registered a Keeper Compatible contract with the Chainlink Keeper Network. Wohoo!

Originally published @ https://docs.chain.link/docs/chainlink-keepers/register-upkeep/

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