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Gas Price Update Guide

This service will get the gas price for multiple gas reporting sites and update your Chainlink node with the max “fast” value of the endpoints every minute.

Currently supported endpoints are:

Environment Variables

  • CL_URL: The URL that your Chainlink node is listening on.
  • CL_EMAIL: The API email address you use to log into the Chainlink node’s GUI.
  • CL_PASSWORD: The API password you use to log into the Chainlink node’s GUI.

Running with Docker

If running the Chainlink node on its own Docker container on the same machine, CL_URL will likely need to be updated to that machine’s IP, or the Docker interface gateway IP (usually

docker run -it -e CL_URL= -e CL_EMAIL=user@example.com -e CL_PASSWORD=my_password thodges/cl-gas-updater

However, if you have named your Chainlink container by adding –name chainlink to its run command, then you can link to it while running the cl-gas-updater container by also adding –link chainlink to your run command.

docker run --link chainlink -it -e CL_URL=http://chainlink:6688 -e CL_EMAIL=user@example.com -e CL_PASSWORD=my_password thodges/cl-gas-updater

Alternatively you can build the container yourself and run that:

docker build . -t cl-gas-updater

Running locally (for testing and development)

Install dependencies

npm install

Run the application

node app.js
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