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Chainlinked Dapps

Chainlinked Dapps

  • B3PO: ETHSF project, the team created a system that handwrites blockchain-validated information on an absentee voting ballot to be sent through mail.
  • Blocksolid: Enabling Cryptocurrency donation for expansion of Internet service and monitoring the connectivity and performance of schools in developing countries.
  • French Toast Kitty: We have a new way to interact with your CryptoKitty in the real-world! This app allows you to render a CryptoKitty on a map as well as fetch the weather.
  • Link Set: A Rebalancing crypto index using Chainlink Oracle Price Feed data
  • Synful Futures: Invest in capital markets of any country. From anywhere in the world. Using ETH. Bye-bye capital controls.
  • Smart Bets: Smart Bets is a dApp that allows you to bet on the outcome of future events.
  • AirPrediction : An off-chain lightning fast prediction market
  • Canopy: Currency Agnostic Data Payment Protocol
  • Micro Subscription: Micro subscription solution for cloud service based on conditional micro payment and onchain oracle
  • Paperclip Lite: Trustless fiat bank account for dapps.
  • nanti: Corporate bonds that can be used as collateral for fast scalable payments
  • Cleanedapp: Proof-of-burn “twitter”
  • RobotRumble: Whether you’re battling with other robots, watching a battle, or betting on your favorite robot driver. RoboRumble is the start of next generation of gaming on the blockchain.
  • weBet: A platform for simple 1 to 1 betting based on real world events
  • EthNYC-Unicef-Challenge: Reducing the digital divide with blockchain & crypto – Connect every kid in the world to the internet
  • SmartPiggies: EthNewYork: An open source standard for a free peer-to-peer global derivatives market


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