Deku Tree

//// FourSwords Global Chainlink Network

Deku Tree Features

-Regional Node Pools (N. America, Europe, Asia, S.America)
-100% Node Operator Owned Network
-Buy, Sell, Lease, Trade, or Donate
-Chainlink Node Operators are free to join, non-operators need to purchase an address and lease a managed node.


FourSwords Chainlink Oracle Network organizes Independent Chainlink Node Operators from all over the globe to form what we call “Deku Tree”. The Japanese origins of the word “Deku” are uncertain and mysterious but most come to agree it translates roughly to – “blockhead”.

Deku Trees are a spoke and wheel style network separated into four categories or four primary “trees”; Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Each region has 6 node pools each containing 7 Chainlink Node parcels.

FourSwords Deku Tree Network consists of Independent Chainlink Node Operators working as individuals or small teams. Nodes on FourSwords network are rated based on availability and performance which is combined for a total tree performance rating. Peer to Peer ratings as well as FourSwords performance reviews will be included in node operator profiles.

Node Operators Own their network address and can freely lease, trade, sell or donate their node and or network property as desired. All node operators are assigned a network address and an FS POBA tag as proof of ownership and as key to access operator resources.

A social platform has been created for node operators to communicate with their team and for FourSwords to communicate with node operators in regards to job changes, system updates, troubleshooting and general announcements.

FourSwords Deku Tree Network is decentralized and will always be 100% Node Operator owned.