About Us (For Node Operators)

About FourSwords

Clients will utilize Fourwords Chainlink Node Trees to guarantee their data is secure and reliable.

We are here to provide the resources for Chainlink node operators to succeed.  FourSwords will be providing authenticated data to various clients, globally. We seek to provide a reliable, secure talent pool for our clients based on a decentralized platform with full transparency and accountability. 

Node operators registered with Fourswords will work as independent teams. Teams can vote and select their jobs of choice. To start, most jobs will be mandatory if you want to stay on the node tree. Down the road when we have more clients we will be able to allow the selection of what types of data you as a node operator want to fulfill request for.

While we continue to develop, your involvement will strengthen the Chainlink community and we are happy to have you here! Here comes the 4IR!!!

-FourSwords Team