Chainlink Nodes and Gaming Data

FourSwords is a collective of independent node operators with the common goal of supplying smart contracts unique data feeds.

With the introduction of chainlink nodes, external data is now being incorporated from the gaming industry into the functionality of smart contracts. This ability to use gaming data provides companies new revenue stream and in itself creates the possibilities for new and exciting markets. At this point in time, blockchain games are currently taking advantage of the new technology with the rise in popularity of in-game assets, which can be seen in the revenue stream and market places of games such as; decenterland, gods unchained, splinterlands, Axie Infinity, and dissolution. In-games assets are only one of the advantages of incorporating gaming data into blockchains and smart contracts.

Two additional advantages of incorporating gaming data into smart contracts would be the market for skill-based gambling pools and the possibilities for unique token-based prizes. 

Skill-based gambling pools would allow gamers to pool funds together with the winners receiving the pool or a per cent of the pool. Novices to experts would have the ability to profit from their gaming skills. Using smart contracts to action the results of games ensures that all gamers know the rules and their requirements before starting, thus removing cross border conflicts from payment disputes and rule misunderstandings. This also allows gamers to create tournaments and leader boards from multiple gaming platforms and games. This means the gamers involved aren’t limited to one platform and could use gaming results from a blockchain game with an Xbox game and a mobile game, or even from multiple other tournaments. With the code for each smart contracts being dynamic and at the discretion of the coder, the number of games, result weights, handicaps, time frames, bonus, gaming restrictions, can all be manipulated for a more even outcome. 

The use of unique token-based prizes is slowly being incorporated into the gaming industry as we speak and will provide new markets for companies wanting to interact with gamers. Lately every day some new company is working out the next greatest thing to do with tokens, as these advancement happens gamers will be one of the first to reap the benefits. The number 1 prize will always be in-game assets to help the gamer win additional games, but the types of prizes that can be won will change. New types of prizes can include; skins, other in-game assets, beta testing new games and assets,  virtual tickets, subscription, cryptocurrencies, governance tokens, pooled lotto tickets, naming rights, unique art, in-game music, etc. The possibilities of new types of prizes won’t stop and will continue to grow year after year as the industries tokenomics expands. 

The progression of these fields and ideas have been slowed by the recent high gas prices, which has slowed these types of innovations. Layer 2 solutions are being worked on from all angles and will be slowly tested and implemented over the coming months, which should eas gas prices and allow these types of innervation to continue. FourSwords is working with a couple of Layer 2 solutions providers and will support any technology that increases the reliability and performance of our services. 

FourSwords is committed to developing the smart contact space through unique data feeds and the further development of smart contract functionality. We provide support for managing a chainlink node and the continued development of new data feeds. If you or your organisation need support with your chainlink node, require a custom-built adaptor, or have a unique data feed needing smart contract connection please contact us at