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How to demo POBA app on Ropsten testnet

How to demo POBA app on Ropsten testnet

How to demo POBA app on Ropsten testnet


We have deployed our very own e-commerce store to demonstrate the function and capabilities of POBA. We have FourSwords t-shirts for sale that are POBA enabled meaning they are serialized and tokenized using a POBA token. There are several ways to use this dApp but we will focus on the most simple demonstration that does not require a physical product to mint token but generates a license key and is sent via email.

This specific solution would work good for software and other virtual products that cannot be applied with labels or Smart-stickers.

  1. Purchase a product from our store and use our tester coupon code ” cydt2uez ” at check to receive a 100% discount. (Make sure to use a real email address!)
  2. Open your order confirmation email and copy POBA key contained within email message.
  3. Go to www.pobatag.com
  4. Select your wallet type. Choosing POBA wallet allows users to create and download a eth wallet. The alternative is MetaMask browser extension.
  5. Go to “verify” page and unlock your wallet using private key or if using Metamask continue to step 6.
  6. Enter POBA key you received in order confirmation email and press “verify” button. Your POBA key is being sent to FS e-commerce store for verification. Once confirmed a Oracle will return order ID and enable “mint token” function.
  7. Mint Token. Once Mint button has been enabled, click “MINT” to encode your order code into a NFT token.
  8. Check your wallet and the directory to confirm POBA creation.

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